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The 3rd Birthday is an action/RPG from Square Enix, starring Aya Brea, the heroine from the beloved Parasite Eve games for the PS1 way back when. Taking place in a devestated New York City, Aya jumps back and forth through time to take on fiendish beastly enemies called The Twisted. That's as much of the plot as I'm going to reveal, because it doesn't take too long for things to get so outlandishly ridiculous and convoluted that there's a good chance your head may explode in the process. Story aside however, The 3rd Birthday offers some pretty good third-person action and shooting elements, along with some great weapon upgrade and customization options as well. For a PSP game, the game itself looks great, and the cut-scenes are just gorgeous sights to behold. All this doesn't quite make up for the stiff controls, but that doesn't detract too much from the total package. All in all, The 3rd Birthday is a fun, albeit flawed, action/RPG that's worth your time, and one of the better recent PSP games you'll find out there right now.

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